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Join me you can on my path to enlightment and harmony, the connection to the living Force. Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. search your feelings. You know that it´s true.

stop looking outside for someone who leads you - you got yourself! that´s all you need - smile, spread your sunshine, be a light for others, inspire- be your own Hero ♥

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It will and currently is!

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Loving another person is not separate from loving God. One is a single wave, the other is the ocean.

 ~ Deepak Chopra

The most powerful way to open, activate, energize and balance all of our chakras and keep our bodies and minds in a healthy condition is to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Love is the greatest healer; the vitalizing, nourishing, sustaining electricity of life. When we love ourselves and are able to offer this love to others, we keep our body/mind systems charged and vitalized with this electricity.

Neil S. Cohen, Legion of Light

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